I Choose Film

A significant new exhibition at the Southern Vermont Art Center is celebrating the vibrant life of film photography today. “I Choose Film” features twenty living artists from around the world, each working with film in a unique way. "I Choose Film" runs from July 8 through August 27 in SVAC's Wilson Museum & Galleries.

“I Choose Film” defines film as any process employing light-sensitive photographic emulsion in the creation of imagery. Consequently, works in the show employ a kaleidoscope of traditional and contemporary film techniques, from wet-plate collodion to platinum prints, from artist books to X-Ray.

"Far from being dead, film is enjoying a resurgence. A Renaissance even," says “I Choose Film” curator and artist Stephen Schaub. "I believe this springs from a newfound appreciation for film's unique capabilities."

"You have a whole generation coming of age now who grew up with primarily digital photography, and they are realizing: there are more possibilities out there. Film is a vast and rich medium. And what it does, nothing else can do."

Schaub is a recognized leader and innovator in the art photography and printing worlds. In 2005 he coined the word "figital" to describe photographic work that employs both film and digital techniques. Soon after he founded the photographer's advice and commentary blog FigitalRevolution.com, which to date has had over a million and a half hits.

Photographers featured in the exhibition include:

Home page photo by Bob VanDegna, Palermo

Above photo by Thomas Kellner & VG Bildkunst, Bonn, Siegen: 41#02, Washington, Capitol, 2004


"TAKE YOUR BEST SHOT" – Kids Instant Photography Contest

Also part of the show will be the "Take Your Best Shot" kids instant photography contest. Kids up to age 18 who are accompanied by an adult are invited to check out a Fuji Instax instant film camera from the museum, shoot pack of film on the grounds of the art center, and donate their favorite image to hang for the duration of the show.

"I'm especially excited about the children's photography contest," adds SVAC Executive Director Joan Teaford. "This interactive part of the exhibit means that every child who comes to the show can participate: they check out an instant camera and create an image to be added to the exhibit right then. What kid wouldn't be excited to do that?"

Thank you to the sponsor of "Take Your Best Shot", Fuji Film for their generous donation of cameras and film!

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The winners are:

  • Halle Ward
  • Lucas Bernadette
  • Jude Bernal
  • Jaia French
  • Gigi McKensie
  • Brett Rosenbauer
  • Marsie Speir
  • Sophia Witkin


Thank you to the Penumbra Foundation in New York City who attended the opening weekend and photographed wet-plate tintype portraits of visitors. It was a unique experience and the tintypes were gorgeous. For more on the Penumbra Foundation please go to: http://www.penumbrafoundation.org/ 






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