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Robert DuGrenier’s Installation in SVAC’s Wilson Museum: “Sap-link”

The Southern Vermont Arts Center is thrilled to have Robert DuGrenier‘s Sap-link installed in the Wilson Museum for the remainder of the 2019 season.

Sap-linkA re-constructed tree with blown glass sap

“To put up a new barn in my sheep pasture, I had to cut down a tree encroaching on the site.  I loved the effect that resulted from the sheep, over the winter, nibbling on the branches and logs that had landed in their habitat. The beauty of the bark-less wood inspired me to re-construct the tree.  I brought the various pieces to my glass studio and blew custom glass sculptures for each of the branches symbolizing the sap that runs when a tree is cut in the early spring.”

Robert  DuGrenier has been a glass artist, sculptor and designer since the 1970’s and his work has touched both traditional and experimental arenas of the glass world. He has created high-end installations for museum and architectural projects around the world. He began in New York City by working on the redesign of the flame for the Statue of Liberty and was commissioned to create and produce the 1/12th scale model from which the French artisans sculpted the new flame. His projects include original glass chandeliers and displays for well-known hotels, jewelry stores, private homes, and gardens. He enjoys the challenge of creating glass works for novel interactions with the natural world of plants and animals.


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