Unusual Threads: Stitching Together the Future of Fashion
Exhibition on view: May 11-June 23, 2019

Unusual Threads: Stitching Together the Future of Fashion explores sustainability within haute couture fashion. 

Creating sustainability within the fashion industry requires a focus on the longevity, impact, and the future use of textiles. Readymade clothing, fast fashion and the over consumption of clothing have created a way of living that is comfortable and  affordable but extremely harmful to the earth and to underpaid workers.

Unusual Threads approaches the wearable art and fashion world through a forward-thinking lens. The designers and artists included in this exhibition are using new and inventive methods of recycling, repurposing and creating with organic materials. The result is a variety of haute-couture fashion pieces created from unusual and striking materials.

Artists & Designers Include:
Anna VA Polesny
Anne Stiebing
Antonella Piemontese
Casey Stannard
Eileen Fisher
Jenise Sileo
Julia & Robin Rogers
Kelly Hickey
Natalia Martinez Sagan
Patty Swygert
Robin Lane
Sam Talbot-Kelly
Sharon Myers
Susan White
Terry Findeisen
Terry Singh

Historical fashion pieces courtesy of The Bennington Museum.

Pictured: Fashion Design by Natalia Martinez Sagan; Photography by Nacho Lunadei

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May 11 at 10:00 am — June 23 at 5:00 pm
10:00 am — 5:00 pm (1039h)