2019 SOLO SHOWS Lynn D. Pratt

While enjoying a career as an architect, Lynn started watercolor painting as a hobby and completely fell in love with it. She is now a full-time professional artist and a signature member in the American Watercolor Society, Vermont Watercolor Society and North East Watercolor

Lynn’s perfectionist nature from architecture definitely carried over into her painting. She likes every detail of her paintings to be realistic and authentic. Lynn wants to give viewers a different perspective of the things they see in their daily lives, something that they might pass by
everyday and never truly notice. She focuses on sometimes small objects and paints them large, so you can see and appreciate each detail.

Lynn displays her work at many art shows and exhibitions throughout the year, as well as in many international exhibits and galleries in multiple countries. She teaches watercolor classes for children and adults at all levels and does many commissioned works.

Click on each of Lynn Pratt’s pieces below to view titles, dimensions, and pricing. If you are interested in purchasing a piece of artwork, please call 802-362-1405, or email info@svac.org.