Virtual Exhibition Program Library

Welcome to our library of past virtual programs related to our exhibitions.

Artist Talk: Ink Languages with Chalice Mitchell and Patty Hudak

Artists Patty Hudak and Chalice Mitchell joined us for an engaging online conversation about how living and working abroad in China and Japan fundamentally changed their artistic practice. In particular, both artists developed a personal “ink language” through their exposure to, study of, and experimentation with the tradition of ink painting, which first flourished in China during the 600s and was introduced to Japan during the 1300s.

Patty and Chalice, whose artwork was shown in the “Women Take Wilson” exhibition, brought their memories and experiences to life through sharing images and stories. Alison Crites, SVAC’s Manager of Exhibitions & Interpretive Engagement, moderated the program.

Meet the Artist: Adrien Broom

Artist Adrien Broom and SVAC’s Executive Director Anne Corso will discuss Broom’s artistic practice, background, and her two bodies of work that were on view at SVAC in the summer/fall of 2020. A visual storyteller, Broom uses photography, film, and set design to create images that contain elements of fantasy, nostalgia, and wonder.

Adrien’s two exhibitions, “Holding Space” and “The Color Project” were part of SVAC’s summer/fall “Women Take Wilson” exhibition.