2019 SOLO SHOWS Robert Whiting

Robert Whiting was born and raised in Glens Falls, NY. He studied Graphic Arts at Farmingdale University and attended the Empire State College Independent Studies program. The paintings of the early Flemish painters Pieter Bruegel, Jan Van Eyck, and Hieronymus Bosch started him on his artistic journey by introducing him to the vivid color and glazing techniques employed by these Masters. Neoclassic art provided him with a solid foundation for realism with the work of Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, Jean Leon Gerome and Thomas Eakins.

Having grown up in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains, Robert’s landscape paintings are influenced by Albert Bierstadt, Sanford Gifford and Jasper Cropsey. Their work had an impact on the romantic style Whiting’s landscape paintings have taken. Robert’s excellent draftsmanship, along with his understanding of composition and tonal balance, has brought him much success in his work. The work is collected nationwide and many of his patrons have extensive collections of his art. Robert’s artwork has been included in many of the exhibitions of the American Artists Professional League, as well as several local solo and group exhibits. He currently shares studio space with his wife Susan Bayard Whiting in Argyle, NY and in Fort Pierce, FL.

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