2019 SOLO SHOWS Susan Bayard Whiting

“In this stressful life, I hope that through my landscapes the viewer has an opportunity to sense the peace and tranquility that walking into a pasture or hiking to an overlook can give. Living in Washington County, NY, I am continually awed by the beauty of our northeast states. From the Adirondacks to the north and the Green Mountains to the east, both states present outstanding landscape opportunities. I currently produce work both plein air and in studio, employing both alma prima and indirect painting methods. As a contemporary artist, I enjoy the works of so many nineteenth century Impressionist artist such as Camille Corot and Pissaro. Their use of color to convey atmosphere and their color harmonies are what drove me to produce landscapes. The bold brush work of John Singer Sargent and Mary Cassatt provided me with an understanding for the use of color and allows me to use my training as a draftsman and technical illustrator.”

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